Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Play PS1 games on PS Vita

PS Vita's new Firmware 1.8 News! Play PS one games on your PS Vita!

Hello everyone. Great news! If you haven't already heard, you can now play PS1 games on your PS Vita! Awesome right? All you need to do is download the games from PlayStation store! It's that Easy! If you still love your PSOne classics, this is the absolute best way to play them! But bad news
for North Americans, they can only play nine psx games. :(
I've red somewhere that Europeans will have hundreds of them. That doesn't make any sense!
However you can always get more games with transfer ( which is not 100% legal ) but it's not like
cops will come to your house for doing it, right? :)

So i tried it on my PS Vita, and this is how it looks.

Aspect ratio is changeable. In the picture above it shows 1:1 which is the sharpest of all but it's bordered with black.

You can fill Vertically or horizontally which looks great but you lose some of the top and bottom of the screen.

If you don't mind things looking a little squashed you can fill the entire screen.

I gotta admit that the games look great, better than on the ps3. So Sony did a great job on this.
Till next time! - Puscifer

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