Friday, August 31, 2012

PS Vita details - Sony explains why so few PSone titles are available in America

The Vita's biggest problem

What's Vita's biggest problem? Why is it selling so weak? Well, dear readers,to date, it's been
a struggle to turn Vita into a success for Sony. Sales have been weaker than expected for a variety
of reasons. First of all you have to buy Vita for 250$, and than you have to buy a game which is 40$+, and we also need a memory card and so on. But why buy that when mobile gaming is stronger than ever? You can afford a great game on Android for a few bucks. I think Sony's big problem is that it seems like Sony has taken forever to do the things it was supposed to do in the first place. I don't understand why it took so long to launch a YouTube app, for example.

I will admit Vita is so attractive but too expensive:

Do you have a PS Vita? Are you satisfied with it?

I can't wait for new PS Vita games, they seem they will be so good. Will you buy them?

Why so few PSone titles are available in the US?

I read that Sony explained why so few titles are available? Well that was necessary, cause it sure did
me and the other fans angry.
Sony said:
"Each territory is completely unique and must go through its own individual processes for approvals in order to be available for purchase directly on PS Vita through PlayStation Store. We work collaboratively with all parties involved, including third party publishers, to ensure that we are following the proper protocol. As of right now, there are nine PS one classics titles available on the PS Vita store, however we are working hard to expand this list as soon as possible."

Well i'm glad to hear that, and boy i'm glad i'm not living in America.

So i turned on my PS Vita and there are 129 games available here in Croatia.

I really had a great, great time with my Vita, it really should sell better.

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