Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Golden Age of gaming soon?

EA expecting "golden age" of gaming soon

Ten years ago EA Label boss Frank Gibeau said "The EA executive pointed to the rapidly growing size of the industry as a positive point."  Now, he says  "From this chaos, you're going to get a new order, a new approach, that's going to be a very vibrant time for games,Yes, there's chaos right now, but a golden age is coming." 

What the hell should we supposed to mean by that?
Sorry, i'm so pissed now, i broke my arm trying to reach an xBox 360 controller while i layed on my bed, and i had a really bad landing and... It happens... Gosh! How could i be so stupid!!!

Nice, right?

Do you really belive what Mr. EA boss says? I mean, how can he know that "golden age is coming", when they almost bankrupted. Hehe, well this post is not really important but i was like "What the hell, i'm bored" and i shared it with ya!

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