Thursday, August 30, 2012

Battlefield 3 - An Amazing Game

Battlefield 3 - The best of FPS

Hey guys, today i'm gonna talk about Battlefield. As you may already know i picked Battlefield 3 for game of the day, and it's because it deserves it. Battlefield 3 is one of my favorite First person shooter games. Why? Well there are a lot of reasons. For example, in what other First person shooter game did you see such a great graphics, such a great story line, such a great gameplay...?

I could be counting reasons for two more hours, but i won't cause there are a lot of trailers and gameplay videos on YouTube. First of all let's Check out the trailer:

As you can see, an amazing trailer. A lot of effects and an incredible gameplay. And i'm not saying other first person shooters suck, like Call of Duty, i'm just saying i prefer Battlefield 3 over any Call Of Duty. Don't get me wrong - I like Call of duty games, i like them so much that i own every single Call Of duty game except World at war.

Do you already own Battlefield? Are you thinking like: "What should i buy? CoD or Battlefield 3"
I'm not gonna say "Buy Battlefield 3?" i'm gonna say - Buy what you like.Check out both of the games, play demos, watch trailers, watch gameplay videos. And the first game that gets through your skin - buy it.

So why do i prefer Battlefield 3 over any Call of Duty?  Well, you see i was a fan of Call of duty for a long time, but they continued to disappoint me cause they were selling us the exact same game over the years. So i lost my hope in Call of Duty.

 When Battlefield 3 came out, i was like "This is something different i should definitely try this game" and i was right, it is something different that non of First person shooters have.

 I am really looking Forward to Battlefield 4 right now. However, with a 6 year gap between Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3, chances are we won't be seeing it anytime soon , i just hope they won't disappoint me like Activision.

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