Monday, September 10, 2012

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Selling like crazy!

New Super Mario Brothers sold 240K in first week!

Woah, that's alot. Nintendo 3DS's new game New Super Mario Bros. 2 had a really good selling start with 240,000 copies sold in a week ( August 19 - August 26 ).
I was one of the proud buyers and i have to say, The NSMB 2 impressed me more than the First New super Mario Bros. on a DS. It has a bunch of new stuff, the gameplay is for sure better than on the first one, and do i even need to mention the graphics? The graphics is great, of course better than on the first Super Mario cause this is Nintendo 3DS....!

 If you are thinking of buying your first 3DS game, i suggest this one, cause, you know, it just has some of the basic controlls which help you meet your new Console and become a more advanced user...

Do you own it? Do/did you like it?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

PES 2013 Release date

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 release date

it's official: PES 2013 is coming out 21st September for xBox 360, PS3 and PC. Woaah!
I'm so happy i'll be able to play it so early! The release date is earlier than expected and earlier than in the past few years!

It's funny cause PES 13 is coming out just a week before new Fifa. So i think that's the reason why is it coming out so early, every year Fifa has been Coming out Before PES, but hell no! This year things are different, Konami finally did something about it!

Check out this awesomely-exciting Pes Trailer:

More top news are coming soon!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fifa 13 or PES 13?

Well hello everyone... :)
Fifa 13 or PES 13? - The question i'm being asked every day. Don't worry - i'm here, i was able to play both of the games so i will share my opinions with you. Note: I played them only for like 10 minutes. If you are wondering how was i able to play them, well, A really great friend of mine works in one gaming company ( Sorry i can't tell you the name ) and he asked me would i like to try some new games. I was like Sure why not? Soo yea...

So let's start:

I would like to say that Fifa is a really different game than Pro Evolution Soccer:

Note: Fifa 13 is more of a cinematic game, i don't how to say it... When PES 13 is more of a arcade game, you can play with your friends, family and never get bored.

Above: Fifa 13

Graphics: I think Fifa 13 has a little better graphics than PES 13. If we are talking about the faces - in my opinion PES is the winner here. Konami did a great job designing player faces.

Gameplay: Everyone has their own opinion, and so do i: Gameplay is MUCH better in PES than FIFA, again, this is just my opinion. Fifa 13 , as i mentioned above, is more of a cinematic game it is true that it has hell of a better player movements that Pes. I think they should have focused more on the gameplay and less on cinematics, but, EA is that kind of company, and i respect that.

It's sooo cool that Fifa 13 is supporting kinect, unfortunately, i played the PC version. ( with a controller )

Above: Pes 2013

PES 13 is like... an arcade game, both games are fun when you play with friends, but PES dominates. Great.

So i would recommend getting Pes 2013. Why? --  Better gameplay, i think that's all that matters in sport-simulation games, i mean, graphic is important too. You can't enjoy gameplay with a crappy graphics. Even if i prefer Pes over Fifa i think that's not the best they can do...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nintendo Wii U price and release date!!! - out Nov. 11 for $250?!

Hey everyone, got some fresh Wii u news for you today, so take a hot cup of tea, sit, relax and read cause this is something worth reading. :)

Just few words before i start with the information. This is the news that we waited a long, long time, even if it's not been officially confirmed yet it's still the hottest news, ouch! A little to hot...

Release Date

Nintendo Wii U release date appears to be November 11. That is 99% correct, so... cool!


This is the fun part. :D How much do you think it will cost?
It will cost 250$, 300$ and 350$. Yea i don't really get why are there 3 prices but i suppose it's going to be like an xBox 360 with kinect package and without kinect package... Get me?

How much would you spend on an upcoming Wii u?

You can check out GameSpot's video:

That is all the news for now, but i'll keep you informed.


Golden Age of gaming soon?

EA expecting "golden age" of gaming soon

Ten years ago EA Label boss Frank Gibeau said "The EA executive pointed to the rapidly growing size of the industry as a positive point."  Now, he says  "From this chaos, you're going to get a new order, a new approach, that's going to be a very vibrant time for games,Yes, there's chaos right now, but a golden age is coming." 

What the hell should we supposed to mean by that?
Sorry, i'm so pissed now, i broke my arm trying to reach an xBox 360 controller while i layed on my bed, and i had a really bad landing and... It happens... Gosh! How could i be so stupid!!!

Nice, right?

Do you really belive what Mr. EA boss says? I mean, how can he know that "golden age is coming", when they almost bankrupted. Hehe, well this post is not really important but i was like "What the hell, i'm bored" and i shared it with ya!

Check out my blog tomorrow cause there are some Fresh New Nintendo Wii U news coming!

PS3 or xBox 360?

Hello folks,
I was thinking about pre-ordering Borderlands 2 and i thank of something that i think amost every time i'm buying a multiplatform game and i think a lot of you guys face with the same problem:    PlayStation 3 or xBox 360? Of course i buy games for my PS Vita, my Nintendo's and especially my PC, but when it comes to the regular multiplatforms like Need for Speed for example i usually buy them for my xBox 360 or PS3. If we are talking about First person shooters i don't really like playing them on consoles so i almost always buy them for my PC.

The last thing i have to say before we actually start is that i have not included PC in this because we are  talking about the "same gen" consoles. I don't really know how to explain it but that doesn't matter right now.

If you have the same issues just follow these simple steps. ;)
The question is xBox 360 or PS3? I can't really answer that question directly. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons:

1. Price - For example: If you see a Playstation 3 version of a game that is much cheaper than the one on the xBox - Buy it.

2. Technical issues - Skyrim for example, is a multiplatform, and i and a lot of people would   go for an xBox 360 version. Why? Because PS3 version has a bunch of technical issues and is not really worth the money. So, technical issues is number two: Always go for a platform that doesn't have any technical issues or has minimum issues.

3. Pick what you like - If you prefer one platform over another, buy a game for what you like to play on and on what you enjoy more.

3. Search the web - Search the web for other people's opinions on each platform and decide.

So that was it, see you next time, maybe today, who knows :D...