Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fifa 13 or PES 13?

Well hello everyone... :)
Fifa 13 or PES 13? - The question i'm being asked every day. Don't worry - i'm here, i was able to play both of the games so i will share my opinions with you. Note: I played them only for like 10 minutes. If you are wondering how was i able to play them, well, A really great friend of mine works in one gaming company ( Sorry i can't tell you the name ) and he asked me would i like to try some new games. I was like Sure why not? Soo yea...

So let's start:

I would like to say that Fifa is a really different game than Pro Evolution Soccer:

Note: Fifa 13 is more of a cinematic game, i don't how to say it... When PES 13 is more of a arcade game, you can play with your friends, family and never get bored.

Above: Fifa 13

Graphics: I think Fifa 13 has a little better graphics than PES 13. If we are talking about the faces - in my opinion PES is the winner here. Konami did a great job designing player faces.

Gameplay: Everyone has their own opinion, and so do i: Gameplay is MUCH better in PES than FIFA, again, this is just my opinion. Fifa 13 , as i mentioned above, is more of a cinematic game it is true that it has hell of a better player movements that Pes. I think they should have focused more on the gameplay and less on cinematics, but, EA is that kind of company, and i respect that.

It's sooo cool that Fifa 13 is supporting kinect, unfortunately, i played the PC version. ( with a controller )

Above: Pes 2013

PES 13 is like... an arcade game, both games are fun when you play with friends, but PES dominates. Great.

So i would recommend getting Pes 2013. Why? --  Better gameplay, i think that's all that matters in sport-simulation games, i mean, graphic is important too. You can't enjoy gameplay with a crappy graphics. Even if i prefer Pes over Fifa i think that's not the best they can do...

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