Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pokemon Developer's New 3DS Game: Harmo Knight

Pokemon Developer's New 3DS Game: Harmo Knight

Rhythm meets Mario.

Harmo Knight is the new Nintendo 3DS title from Game Freak,
 the team behind the Pok√©mon series.
The game was announced by Satoru Iwata during today's
 Nintendo Direct Livestream. From the footage released, it
looks like a hybrid of a traditional side-scrolling platformer,
 replete with a Mario Bros-style world hub, and a rhythm
 action game. The game's hero charges through levels,
 from verdant hilly landscapes to city rooftops, collecting
musical notes and swinging a quaver like a battle axe/golf
club. Presumably, you have to execute your attacks in time
 with the game's music. One level shows a different character
 shooting enemies from afar with a harp, while another stage
 showed the main character in a supped-up musical mine cart.
The video also showcased a boss fight which seemed to introduce
 variety into the gameplay. A voice called out the moves that would
 be required in time with the music, before the player then had
to input them at the same speed in order to be victorious.

The game is scheduled for release in Japan on
September 5, 2012, priced at ¥1,800. No word
 on a Western release date.

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