Friday, August 24, 2012

New GTA 5 Screens

Update: New GTA V Screenshots

Hey Guys, i'm super excited to show you this. This time, Rockstar has released four screens with the theme of 'Business' on its Newswire.
On the run from the police? A car transporter is probably
 not the most inconspicuous form of escape, or is it?
A biplane: when a regular plane just isn't enough.
The Infernus makes a return.
Police sniper lines up a shot from a helicopter.
This is the third album released by Rockstar this week. Sooo, today's post ends with the questions "What do you think of the new Screenshots, and do you think that the new Grand theft auto will be better than the GTA 4"?

-Leave your comments in a comment section below. ;)

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