Saturday, August 25, 2012

AMD stops with producing CPU's?

AMD is stopping with CPU production
Hello everyone, i have some bad news today, it looks like AMD is stopping with CPU production.
AMD FX2-8300/6300 (Piledriver Vishera) desktop processor is the last performance desktop CPU ever,
 All next processors in desktop will be only APU. An APU is a processor that combines CPU and GPU elements into a single architecture.

 APU processor: 

AMD completely ends production of performance desktop CPUs!
 FX2-8300/6300 processors for socket AM3 + are the last competitors
 against Intel-DT platform. AMD gives up the fight against Intel here,
 and in the future will launch only APU with mainstream performance!

Vishera + AM3+ are the last representative of an AMD performance CPU
 platform! If that is true, it would mean a total Domination of
 Intel on the Market. I hope it's not true.

 What do you prefer Intel or AMD?

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