Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nintendo Wii U price and release date!!! - out Nov. 11 for $250?!

Hey everyone, got some fresh Wii u news for you today, so take a hot cup of tea, sit, relax and read cause this is something worth reading. :)

Just few words before i start with the information. This is the news that we waited a long, long time, even if it's not been officially confirmed yet it's still the hottest news, ouch! A little to hot...

Release Date

Nintendo Wii U release date appears to be November 11. That is 99% correct, so... cool!


This is the fun part. :D How much do you think it will cost?
It will cost 250$, 300$ and 350$. Yea i don't really get why are there 3 prices but i suppose it's going to be like an xBox 360 with kinect package and without kinect package... Get me?

How much would you spend on an upcoming Wii u?

You can check out GameSpot's video:

That is all the news for now, but i'll keep you informed.


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