Monday, September 10, 2012

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Selling like crazy!

New Super Mario Brothers sold 240K in first week!

Woah, that's alot. Nintendo 3DS's new game New Super Mario Bros. 2 had a really good selling start with 240,000 copies sold in a week ( August 19 - August 26 ).
I was one of the proud buyers and i have to say, The NSMB 2 impressed me more than the First New super Mario Bros. on a DS. It has a bunch of new stuff, the gameplay is for sure better than on the first one, and do i even need to mention the graphics? The graphics is great, of course better than on the first Super Mario cause this is Nintendo 3DS....!

 If you are thinking of buying your first 3DS game, i suggest this one, cause, you know, it just has some of the basic controlls which help you meet your new Console and become a more advanced user...

Do you own it? Do/did you like it?


  1. Well I found your link on one of Ryan the Gamer's blog:

    However... I'm disappointed to find that you've stopped blogging as has Ryan. Hopefully this comment helps remind you the kinds of things you're missing out on.

    Swing by my blog and leave me a comment if you decide to come back to blogging.