Friday, August 31, 2012

Next-Gen consoles are coming in about a year's time!

It's almost Official - New xBox and Playstation are soon on the store 


There's sooo many xBox 720 and ps4 rumors going around the internet these days even if

Microsoft and Sony have not officially announce their next-gen consoles, third-party publishers are already working out their launch gameplans. I read an interesting interview today and i tough i gotta share it with you. Speaking to Bloomberg this week, EA Games Label president Frank Gibeau said that when new hardware arrives “in about a year’s time,” his company won’t be making the same technological mistakes seen this generation. Oh and by the way  text marked in green is from GamesRadar.
“It’s a big investment for us this year,” he said. “What you first have to do is start with the technology, the hardware, what’s coming out, and what it does really, really well, and understand what’s going to drive innovation there.” 
Addressing EA’s weak start on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Gibeau said that EA “made a couple of mistakes in how we built our technology,” explicitly noting such defining current-gen features as high-definition graphics and online platforms. He went on to note that for the upcoming generation, EA’s technology approach can be seen in the the Frostbite development engine, which powers such games as Battlefield 3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted
EA is currently prepping three to five new intellectual properties for release on the new hardware within 24 months of their launch. Additional information on these titles was not provided. 
I was happy seeing these news, i am really really excited about next-gen consoles. Are you?

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