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List of my Top 10 DS games

My Top 10 Nintendo DS Games

Even if Nintendo DS/i is not "in" anymore, i still think it's one of the best handheld systems ever made and that's why i decided to make this post.In four years with my DS, i played a lot of games on it and i will now choose the top 10 games.

 It's gonna be a really hard Choice since the system has Many great games to offer from First Person Shooters to RPGs.
So let's start:

Number 10:

GTA: Chinatown Wars


GTA: Chinatown Wars was released in 2008. All the shooting and running were still   

there but with
 angled-down perspective and with lovely cel-shaded graphics.
Running from the cops was different, too - police needed to be taken down by smashing into them, rather than scarpered from. Apart from the regular missions, there were also a variety of touchscreen mini-games, including hotwiring cars and playing around with your PDA.

The reason why i like this game so much is because it's different than the other GTAs as i mentioned above. Great game, great story line.


Number 9:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Originally released in Japan as a Game Boy Advance title in 2001,Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney finally made its way west-wards in 2005 as a Nintendo DS release. And boy, am i glad it did.

Phoenix Wright is a defense attorney, tasked with searching the scene of a crime for clues, then presenting evidence and cross-examinating witnesses to get his client a Not Guilty verdict.

The storylines are mind-blowingly diverse and clever, while the characters are fun and make the whole experience feel incredibly worthwhile. Phoenix pointing his finger and shouting 'Objection!' will forever be a gaming meme and keep his memory alive.

A flurry of sequels followed Ace Attorney, including spin-offs involving new attorney Apollo Justice and Phoenix's enemy/friend Miles Edgeworth, but the original title remains the best. 


Number 8:

The World Ends With You

When i first started playing The World Ends With you i was really excited cause
a lot of people told me it's one of the Best DS games. At first i didn't really
like the game and was dissapointed in the gameplay and the story.

 But as you get further in the game it really starts being Fun and Exciting,
I would personally rate the gameplay of the game 4/10 ( my opinion ) but story fixes
everything. This ice-cool romp is a must for RPG fans seeking something a little different. 

So here's my final rating:

Number 7:

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

Fantastic game,the plumbing lads find themselves inside Bowser’s guts.

 It's a really fun game because you get to play a lot of Characters in the game.

Number 6:

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Super game that can stick you with your DS for a really long time. Cool, relaxing game with
a lot of excitement. You should definitely get This.


Number 5:

Pokémon Black and White

Even if there are a lot of Fantastic Pokemon games on a DS i chose
this one because its simply the best.Looking forward to Pokemon Black
and White 2!


Number 4



Ehh, what can you say about Scribblenauts, one of the best DS games,
Its so soooo Fun when you have to solve puzzles and you can create anything
you want. Just write the word and its that easy.

Number 3:
Mario Kart DS

Driving and driving, Nintendo's series continue with this Ultra-Awesome game.
It's especially fun when you play multiplayer with players from All over the world,
or if you just play with your friends.

Number 2: 

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the StarrySkies 

In my opinion best RPG game on a DS ever made. Nothing more to say than an excellent
game and i think everyone should try this game, best game on a DS which you can see in
my rating: 


Number 1:  

Best DS game ever made, NEW SUPER MARIO BROS. . I don't know what else can i say.Fun as hell, and it can keep you stick to your DS a reaaally loong time. Your first game
should be this one.


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